Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Journey

Unfortunately, with a bad storm coming through tomorrow, in KY and TN, my kids have to leave in the morning. From Alabama to Michigan takes them through both states. So I got two days, instead of three. Those two days were absolutely wonderful. It was great to see my youngest, who is looking so good. Tall, handsome - okay, I'll quit bragging. And my granddaughters. I had both my oldest and youngest granddaughters here, along with one of middle granddaughters, her husband and baby. Both the oldest and youngest I haven't seen in ages. The oldest has grown up and the youngest is a sweetheart. Of course, my only grandson was bored to death, at age 10, but he never let on, even though I know it was a fact. He's a great kid too.

Now back to the real world. They have to pack and get ready to leave early, so they've gone. I shed a few tears and moved on. After all life is all about moving on, from one stage to another. I got to give the kids the things I wanted them to have. Which is also good. I really feel sorry for those children who never get to see their parents or grandparents at the end of their lives. Children need to see reality, especially today.

As you can tell, I'm a bit psyched up today. But, unless we have a miracle, I probably won't get to see them all again. And if I don't stop, the tears will start again.

There were advantages to life as it was lived years and years ago. Families were close, within miles (a few miles) of each other and got to visit often. As I've already mentioned, that's not our lives these days.

Well, I think I'll go read a little bit, and stop feeling sorry for myself. Tomorrow I have edits. Oh, darn, I did say I wouldn't mention the book again.



Runere McLain said...

Glad your days with your family were good despite being cut short, Allison.

You know, dearest lady, there is nothing wrong with voicing some of the profound sadness over certain aspects of dying. Hate with a passion it's happening to you, so I can only imagine what you're experiencing.

It was special and loving that you were able to give the things you wanted people to have directly to them. Wonder if you even realize what you've done by that brave piece of unselfishness? How much more precious those items are to them now and will be in the future?

Sending you strength and peace, Allison. And thank you for the life lesson!

Rita Bay said...

Hey Allison, Glad the visit went well, sorry it was cut short. I concur with Runere about the gifts. They will mean so much later. Hope you take some time to rest now. Later, Rita