Monday, December 16, 2013

The Journey

DH is at the doctor, his semi annual visit. I have lot of time, I hope.  (grinning) To work on edits and things. Yesterday I got a lot accomplished. I feel good! I have this big metal file cabinet, full of stuff. We keep hard copies of everything because computers do crash. We've had it happen. Sooooo.

Anyway, the stack of stuff to file was growing day by day. It was probably four inches tall yesterday when I started. Now it is all put in the correct file and my desk is almost clear. Hooray. At least I can see my calendar. I also did some mending. I have a favorite sweater (doesn't everyone) and the poor thing was starting to come apart. Here I am bragging about the silliest things, but at my age, threading a needle is an endeavor not to be missed.  However, I did it and slick as a whistle. Now I am clear to finish up something else on that infamous list.

I have also managed to finish the Christmas letter. We started sending letters instead of cards years ago, to keep everyone posted on happenings. This letter was a bit harder to write, but it's done. Now, DH gets to print it up, make up the list, of who gets it and print out the labels. We do work well as a team.

The rest of the day is mine. And, okay, I said I wouldn't mention it, but y'all know what I'm going to do. (giggling)


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