Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Journey

The hospice nurse came up with a great suggestion. Keep as diary of the stomach band.  Ugh! Did that and I found out, I eat too much. As soon as my stomach says getting full, I'd better stop, or the band is back. This would be a great way to lose weight if it weren't so uncomfortable. Besides, I like my weight where it is. It took me almost two year to shed my extra hundred pounds and I like the new me which I have had now for almost eight years.

Today and a good part of yesterday was spent writing the annual Christmas letter. We started doing this years ago, as we were moving around and over the years we continued. It's a good way to let friends and family know where everyone is and what they are doing.  DH is getting them ready to mail out now. He's doing it this year. Te, he, he, he.  I wrote the letter, he edited as usual and then he took over, bless his heart. You have to be living in the south the understand the phrase 'bless his heart'.

It doesn't mean what it says. It means kinda like ' oh, you poor thing, you.'

There are lots of southern expressions I've grown to love. I especially like the one which describes distances. 'Far piece.' Now that says it all, don't you think?

Well, with the letters going out of here, and the tree and the few other decorations going up this year (but not until the 23rd 'till my daughter who might have well invented decorating for Christmas) arrives, I can cross more things off that infamous list. Daughter can do the tree, the mantle and the door. That's all I'm doing this year. 'Cause we'll have to put it all away.

Oh, Lord, the next thing on that list is 'business expenses'. And that take days.  (sighing heavily)

Now back to the...  Keeping my word, won't say it, but I am. Eight more to go.


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Rita Bay said...

Hi Allison. Doubt that you ever heard "far piece" on the Eastern Shore! Take your time and enjoy the holidays.