Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The Journey

Heavy weather - difficult breathing. Late again. But I did  get some things done today. I'm not sure whether it's the low pressure center coming at us or the rain, but I have trouble in this kind of weather. (I thought it sounded like a good excuse.  (grinning))

I have wrapped up another thing on my list, at least partially, so we are moving ahead. And some good words from my nurse today. The elastic bank around my middle is not an excess of fluid which would have indicated things were going down hill fast. So that is really good news.

However (why is there always a however???) the doctor took another look at the xrays and decided I either have an excess of mucis or something that needs an antibiotic. Whoever heard of a doctor taking a second and then a third look at an xray? Great doctors down here. That's for sure.

My new thought for today. Last night we were talking, DH and I, and he was being negative. I reminded him that each day that passes means we are both closer to complete happiness. Okay, a Christian viewpoint. But, let me ask a question. What do people who have no faith in a hereafter, no idea there is anything beyond this life, what do they think about as they face death and dying? I would really like to know.

Now, on that interesting note, I'll add two more. Today on facebook, one of my friends talked about diagraming sentences in school. The  comments were interesting. Another thing not taught today. What I found interesting, was my DH and I were talking about just this thing two nights ago. And I wonder what kids do today if they don't have a calculator or cell phone and they have to multiply something. Do they know how???

As a retired teacher, I fear our educational system has fallen apart. And yeah! I'm showing my age.



Runere McLain said...

My grandkids don't like the fact Mawmaw kicks it old school. lol But when they were young I ignored their groaning when I broke out the flash cards for addition, subtraction, AND multiplication and division. The older ones have grown enough to tell me it helped them achieve a true understanding rather than be reliant on devices as were--and are--so many other students.

I also taught them how to make change, another basic skill, lost to the storm of electronic cash registers. I'm constantly shocked at how many cashiers today have no earthly clue how to make change if the power goes out.

Grammar now? I shudder and correct them constantly--"I seen" drives me crazy. One brother slipped with that, and he and his brother both stopped, looked at me, and drawled "I SAW" in unison before I could say anything. A brother on either side of me, of course I teased them with, "Lovely English! In STEREO!"

I believe the basics of education is preparation for life, the same way a strong foundation is necessary as the primary aspect when erecting a building, particularly if you want it to last. Too much is dependent on devices now, rather than mental calculation. That doesn't make me feel old . . . It actually frightens me.

Hope the weather gets better, and breathing easier for you! Bright Blessings, lady!

Rita Bay said...

Dying and diagramming sentences in the same post? Really, Allison. I truly believe in the afterlife but I'm not especially anxious to go there
Kids aren't learning the basics. Not even the flash cards. Of course, it's all about being PC. Rita