Thursday, December 05, 2013

The Journey

Heavy weather! As I've said, hard to breathe. This morning was better but now that front is moving in, even down here it's getting tough. I really feel for the people way up north. I remember once in Michigan, the weather dropped to fifty below. Of course they cancelled school, because the kids rode the school buses and had to stand at the bus stops to catch the thing. It was simply too cold for the kids to stand in that weather.

Of course, we never had that much snow with those kinds of temps. It must be brutal. And the heating bills. Whew! That was the Christmas my husband took me to the big island of Hawaii. We came home to frozen pipes, layers of ice in the drive, and all those wonderful memories of warmth and volcanoes.

They are also talking deep freeze in the west, so there goes our fruits and vegies. Wonder if the gulf coast is going to get hit with the cold weather. All they've talked about for us is rain. I just heave a sigh knowing that breathing is going to be tough for a bit.

No answers to my questions from yesterday, not even someone answering without a name to give them away.  HMMMMM......  Maybe they don't want to read about someone dying.

Well, lucky for me, I can just sit in my computer chair, the O2 going and work on the edits. And yes, I am working on the edits for Lovesong - finally. I figure one or two chapters a day and I should be finished by the end of next week.  Keeping my fingers crossed. Although a bit of sunshine would help.


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