Saturday, December 07, 2013

The Journey

Fed Ex delivered today!  The printer is here. Wow, what a big sucker. But then the booklets take a super machine. Here's hoping it's as good as the last one. Anyway DH is happy.

I got lost in the football games today. Okay, it isn't Alabama, but one of them is an Alabama team.  We did the grocery bit this AM.  The kids are arriving starting Tuesday, so I had to figure out just what I could cook and how I was going to feed the mob. Granddaughter and her great husband promised to help.

And my oldest granddaughter will be here with my youngest granddaughter on Wed. Wow! A house full. It's a good thing my sweetheart of a cleaning lady said she wanted to come early Tuesday morning so the house would be all cleaned up when they came.

That is the one thing I really hate. Well, there are a couple of things. I considered myself a fairly good housekeeper. Oh, if you looked hard enough you could find a few cobwebs, but the place is now a mess. The baseboards are dirty, the floors in the bathrooms and the kitchen need a good scrubbing and a waxing, and I can't do it. I just wear out too quickly.

That and the not being able to cook like I used to. By now each year, I would have at least three or four batches of Christmas cookies in the freezer. I'm not doing Christmas cookies at all this year. That does make me kinda sad. And the toffee!  I have the greatest toffee recipe, and a terrific fudge recipe. But I just don't have the umph to do it this year. I have my little tree, the wreath for the door, the stuff for the mantle and I will do a short Christmas letter to close friends, but that was to be it. I just can't do what I used to do. However, this year the kids are coming and as I said before, the distance has keep them far away. So I'm really happy about that.

Now, I have to work on THE book. I won't mention it again.  (grinning)


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Rita Bay said...

Hi Allison, You're way ahead of me on the Christmas scene. I had a release day last Monday and you know how busy that is. Glad your family will be in town. Be sure to let them help. They'll feel better for it. Rita