Sunday, December 08, 2013

The Journey

Late again, but the neighbors came to visit. Great to see people, but I'm now very tired. What's so surprising is how quickly and easily I tire. Must be part of the process. I'm making a note to ask the nurse about that too.  (grinning)  One of these days she's gonna get tired of my questions.

Also, this was a busy day for me. We went to the grocery this morning. I did say the kids were coming, and I am going to feed them (Of course, they'll have to fix most of it and my way - we'll see how that goes over.)

After the store, my wonderful granddaughter came to help defrost the freezer. It's one of those things you have to do once or twice a year. And I wanted to make certain I had something for everyone to eat. I have picky eaters. It's also a great way to clean out the old stuff. I've been doing well with not wasting much food lately. Wasting food was one of those things my momma told me not to do. If I remember it correctly, it went something like, "You better clean your plate. Think of the starving children." I'll bet you heard something similar from your mother.

I'm not too sure about the starving children around here. They all look very well fed to me, but then I don't get out much. And there was a time when I weighed a great deal more than was healthy. Fortunately, I finally wised up and lost the extra hundred pounds I'd been lugging around for years. It can be done, but it took me almost two years, watching what I put in my mouth and exercising. What a shame I didn't wise up years before. I did learn one thing, and I'll pass it along. You can tell someone they weigh too much, you can suggest, you can plead, tease, whatever. None of that will do a thing, except maybe ruin a good relationship. The person with those extra pounds won't do a thing until they decide it's something they have to do.

Just passing along a few words of advice - for what it's worth. You may get those from time to time as I look back at what I've done or not done, over the years.


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Rita Bay said...

I don't remember when I last defrosted a freezer. Good side, there are no 2 year old surprises. I date everything that goes in but occasionally lose things. Rita