Friday, January 31, 2014

The Journey

We survived the cold. I do love fireplaces. And yes I did check to make sure even wearing O2 I could be close to the fireplace. I couldn't fool around with the fire itself, but then I always seemed to mess up a burning fire, like put it out. Years ago, my DH told me to leave the fires along. So, no problem.

We didn't lose our electricity which was wonderful, because some did. We didn't go any place because we learned a long time ago you can't drive on ice, period. And I'm glad we don't use the salt down here like they use up north. It ruins all the undersides of your car. On top of that, you have to go to the car wash and get the underside of the car washed over and over, because salt slush doesn't go away. It stays there for a long while.

I feel fairly good as well. Of course, by late afternoon, I'm so pooped I can't do much. I no longer cook anything at night. Just takes too much and I don't have it. Up until about three or four I do feel pretty good. Cooking lunch is the problem. We have to figure out how to handle that. Working on a how-to. As I've said, the cooking is the hardest part.

So time to get busy.


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