Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Journey

My nurse has suggested a change of procedures. And yes, I do feel a little better. Time will tell.  She also said a nap will help, so I can going to start taking an afternoon nap. Wonder how that will affect my going to sleep at night. I didn't take a nap yesterday, because I found out the book I worked so hard to finish will be coming out in May - of this year. Whew! Not a lot of time for blurb, log line, cover, editing, copy editing. Yikes!

So I'm going to be a busy, busy lady. That can only be good. Last night wasn't good. The danged band was back. I'm beginning to think it has to do completely with stress.  I opened my frost free, double door refrig, the freezer side, and there was frost everywhere. Ice hung on a couple of the shelves. All I could think about was cleaning the freezer and maybe having to buy another refrig. This one is only ten years old. It should last longer than that!

Anyway, oldest son, the mechanic in the family arrives tomorrow.  DH thinks it might only be a plugged tube. He's worked on it before, so my band finally has receded. I really think this is a strange symptom but of what?

Anyway, off to decide what on earth I want on the cover of this book. (Oh, after a nap - I did promise.)


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