Monday, February 17, 2014

The Journey

Don't you hate it when you don't want to do something you've been told to do because you just know it's not going to help you, but you do do it, and it helps? Guess I just don't like to be wrong. I just knew taking naps was not going to help a bit, after all, think of all the time you waste sleeping.

However, my nurse said, yes, an afternoon nap would help and I needed to take one. I succumbed and took a nap yesterday.

Guess what? I wasn't nearly as tired as I have been the last several nights. In fact I felt really good compared to some of the other nights in the last couple of weeks. So I guess, an afternoon nap is now a must.

Gee, I hate it when I am so wrong...

Lovesong is scheduled for release in May, so I will need a lot of energy to finish the edits and do the promo's for it. That nap will now be essential. Oh, well. Back to childhood days, and I'll just have to remind myself, before I took afternoon naps, I couldn't do anything at night. Now I can.


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