Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Journey

Still fighting the flu. Whew! Nasty stuff this. I'm shaky and the slightest walking around and I have to stop and sit. This is not conducive to my life style. DH is helping. Or nothing would get done. And I have a deadline I may not make for the first time in my writing career.

Anyone have a 'here's how to get over the flu in a minute'? Cause I need it now. Too much to do to have to stop and sit every 'little whip-stitch'. Oh, that's a Midwestern term. One of my grandmother's favorites.

Off to collapse in my recliner until I've recovered enough to go to the edits.


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Runere McLain said...

Sorry to hear you're suffering the 'nasties', lady. The flu is a mean bunch of business.

I know you're anxious to finish your edits, but you don't need to push yourself to the point of relapse!

Rest as much as you can, and let the hubby help. Men need to feel important too! lol Sorry for missing so many posts. But I've been with you in spirit. Hope you get to feeling better quickly, Allison. Blessings!