Friday, February 28, 2014

The Journey

Doctors' Report:

Yesterday I missed posting because I spent four hours with the doctors. I saw first the Oncologist and then the heart doctor. The oncologist was positive and so was the heart doctor, but...  The oncologist wants me to see a radiologist doctor and the heart doctor says the band is probably because of all the meds I'm swallowing. His suggestion - another pill. Okay, I'll meet the new doctor, and I'll try another pill. But both doctors seemed please so I figure I'm not at death's door anytime soon.

That of course means I have time to write more books. Of course the flu knocked the socks off me. My hospice nurse think, because it hit so fast it was the fast flu, if there is such a thing, but it took me three days to get over it. Now I'm complaining and I said I wouldn't.

I'm here, I've recovered, I don't feel too bad, and I'm ready to work on edits. Gotta get 'em done. I have this other book that is bugging me....


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