Friday, March 14, 2014

The Journey

Today is a good day. I guess I was so relieved that I wasn't going to have to go through all the radiation stuff and face the chemo guy with my objections, I slept well, and today I feel good. Oh, slow of course, and I wear out fast, but on the whole, I'm relieved and relaxed.

I have to grin because when the nurse took my BP yesterday it was sky high. I can hardly wait to tell my hospice nurse it was off the charts ( for me at least) I do consider 177/93 way up there. So I was a lot more upset about that situation than even I thought.

Now, things are settling down. I'm back to editing. And as a writer, I have learned a huge lesson. Do Not, ever! write something under pressure to just get it down. I'll be editing for a while. I wrote under pressure, afraid I wouldn't get the story finished, a book I wanted so badly to write! The mistakes are so numerous, I'll be editing for hours and hours and hours.

Blest DH. He's gone for lunch and is willing to go get us something and even do the cooking, at least some of it, for the next couple of days.

Back to the editing.


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