Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Journey

Interesting! We have low pressure coming in, and my breathing is more difficult. Who says weather doesn't affect people? When my grandmother complained about her knees bothering her because the weather was changing, I thought that sounded kinda silly. I'm not sure now. I'm finding if we are under a high pressure system, breathing is easier. As a low pressure begins to move in, it's more difficult, then once the low pressure settles in, the breathing becomes easier, unless the pressure continues to drop. I've got to wonder what would happen if we have a hurricane.

The major problem with the trouble with difficult breathing is the ability to get things done that require walking around. So cooking is trouble, and so is cleaning (although I'm not going to complain about the inability to clean. After all, who likes to clean.) But this house is not a small house, it's all on one floor and from kitchen to bedroom is a walk, well kinda, at least for me. Doing things that require moving from room to room is a problem. I gotta stop and sit, take a few deep breaths, and then move on. Slow going. But note! I am going. And I have no intention of stopping yet.

Fortunately, (or unfortunately if you don't like romances) I can sit at the computer and use my fingers with no difficulty at all. So I can write with no problem. So, back to editing.


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