Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Journey

Busy editing. Almost finished. Maybe tomorrow or Thursday at the latest.

In the meantime, I think we moved a step closer to the next phase. This weather isn't helping. As I mentioned, I quizzed my nurse on what happens next and what the symptoms are. I do not consider that gross, although my DD and DH don't understand me at all. They say they wouldn't want to know. Me, I think that's silly. The closer you get the more you need to get ready, tidy up loose ends, finishing things up.

I believe in ghosts. I've actually experienced one and when I go, I don't want to come back because I've left something undone. I also learned from my father, you need to say goodbye to loved one, and tell them it's okay. You are going to a better place. I remember when Dad died, my mother hung on for all she was worth. He was her life. I think he would have passed a day, perhaps two, earlier had she been willing to let go.

My sister, who is almost a nurse, was fabulous when mother died. I can remember her sitting at Mom's side and telling her it was okay for her to go join Daddy now. She could leave us. And she did, peacefully. That was inspiring to me at least. I can only hope DD and DH will let me go when it's my time.

Not quite there yet of course. But I can tell I'm slowing down at a rapid rate. Knowing what to expect is my choice, I realize, and not everyone's but it make sense to me and for me.

Now, if I'm ever going to get the edits done and continue with the Historical Romantic suspense I'm working on I better get to my big computer.


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