Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Journey

Hoorah! It wasn't me. My hospice nurse informed me yesterday, all, and she did say all, her patients had trouble over the weekend. None of them were doing well with their breathing. I can't tell you how relieved I felt. Then my DH tells me he's having trouble catching his breath. (Now he tells me!)

It wasn't me! So, with better weather, and in a day or two I should be much improved. For a while there I was sure it was only going to be down hill. It isn't that I expect to recover. That takes a miracle and although I know they happen, my brother experienced one, a writer friend has just had one, I'm not asking for one. COPD doesn't go away. And I've confirmed the ordinary rate of decline. There is nothing typical.  HA! I never did anything typical in my life, so why wouldn't I get a condition about which there is nothing typical.  (grinning here) My DH keeps reminding me that I once made the comment (when I was younger, much younger and stupid) that I was health as a horse. Nothing like making a liar out of your self.

Enough about that. I absolute love the internet and while I'm finding it hard to talk for a long time - and I love to talk - the ability to find what I want with my fingers is a blessing. Thanks to one of my readers I followed her suggestion and added a Follow me to the blog. As long as my fingers work,
and my mind is functioning (okay, so there is some question about that and if you could see the mistakes in my wip you would understand) I'll be blogging.  Until then I have about 30 pages left of this round of edits. Off to the book.


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