Sunday, March 02, 2014

The Journey

I have to wonder if the oncologist has any idea what stress he'd added by changing everything, bing, bang, boom! I got to thinking about the supplies I'll have to research. There are at least four different things I'll require. The last time I went through this trying to satisfy the insurance company, I spent the better part of four days getting things arranged and then met with at least two snags that had to be ironed out.

My DH and I decided we have to talk to the hospice nurse and see if she can get it straightened out. The problem is a simply one. If you decide to have any kind of treatment (which I will say I haven't decided yet, based one what my original pulmonologist told me along with my heart doctor) you are dropped from the hospice program. (This is why I didn't want to change doctors, because they can never seem to agree and I had accepted what my own doctors told me.) That puts me back into Home Health Care, which is a whole different part of the insurance program. Hospice is covered by medicare. Home Health Care is my own insurance. Given what's going on with insurance these days in the US, I think most people can understand my frustration.

I'm slowly working my way through the edits, but this is a lousy time to have to do both, work on insurance and try to do a decent job editing a book.

I really need the prayers now, before I totally lose my cool.


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