Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Journey

Moving right along! Okay, I'm being a smart aleck. Some noticeable changes are beginning to occur. I'm waking up at night very cold, shaking and having trouble catching my breath. I think I might need another firmer pillow to raise my head up a bit more. I check the O2 and the level is okay. I'll have to check about raising the amount I get at night with the hospice nurse.

There is also now some noticeable pain, but I did expect that, and was surprised I hadn't had more pain much earlier on. The pain meds they are giving me work fine. I take half a pill about every four hours and it's a low dosage so I feel good about that.

Getting started in the morning is difficult, between the shortness of breath and being cold, it's taking longer to shower and dress. Today I elected to take the short stool into the shower with me. Yep, sat to shower.

Funny thing though! once I get dressed, have something to eat and take my pills, I begin to feel better. And by now, afternoon here, I feel fine. I went to the grocery, put stuff away, did a load of laundry and cooked lunch. Once I get up and get going, I go fine. Now that is a shocker...

I'll just have to figure out this night time business...


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