Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Journey

Well, first time I have to say I had a really bad night. The O2 dries out my nose making breathing difficult because of the constant flood of mucus and the resulting drying liquid. Plain and simple - a mess. They tell me it's because the oxygen is such a drying agent and there's not much to do about it, except to add a humidifier to the oxygenator, which results in moisture in the breathing tube. One of those the cure is worse than the illness type of thing to my way of thinking.

For the first time though, I woke up, gasping for air. I was shaking I was so cold. And when you can't breath, you get anxious so it's a circle in a circle in a circle type of effect. I finally got calmed down and got the  breathing regulated, then warmed up a bit, but this morning, I'm taking it very easy. I ordered the humidifier for the oxygenator, because water in the tube is better than freezing to death because I can't breath.

Now, things are slowly coming back to normal, and I learned another valuable lesson. My hospice nurses all told me I needed the humidifier, but I figured I didn't want the water in the tubing. Guess I'm just gonna have to start listening to the authorities, and ignore personal opinions. Maybe one of these days, I'll learn.  (grinning)

Looking forward to a good night sleep tonight, because they are bringing the humidifiers this morning and showing me how to attached the bottles to the machine.


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