Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Journey

Oh, this is fun. I slept almost all of yesterday and a good part of today. I don't understand why I'm so tired. That will be a question for the hospice nurse. And I'm noticing three things. I'm losing a bit of control over my bladder. (Don't go Ugh!  This blog is supposed to help people going through the same things, so I'm recording the changes as they occur.)

My daughter is coming today so I'll be sending her to the store for some "Depends" I can just hear her. "Oh, Mother!"

My appetite is starting to shrink a bit, and the mucus I'm coughing up, because with my kind of COPD there is a lot of that, anyway, there is some change in the color. I won't get gross with that.

Along with the need to sleep is the chills I'm experiencing. I get so cold and the temp in the house is 75, 78 degrees F. Don't understand that either. Another hospice nurse question.

As all of this progresses, and it is, I'm hoping I can stay at the keyboard until very close to the end. The whole purpose of this blog was to help others going through the final stages of life. So far, I'm really lucky, because I haven't had a whole lot of pain. That's good, because like most people I really don't like pain.  (grinning)

I also know I have a lot of people praying for me, so maybe we can go out without severe pain. (crossing fingers here)

Anyway, taking things slowly and trying to teach DH how to cook. Stories coming later. (Now I am laughing, but quietly, I don't want to hurt his feelings.)


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