Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Journey

Taking things slowly this morning and managing well.  I have to keep reminding myself, this is how it is done. I took a shower - slowly. I washed my hair - slowly. I dressed - slowly. Are you getting the idea?

I'm going to bake a cake today. This will also have to be done slowly, I think I just might learn to hate that word. My DH is going to do Kabobs on the grill for lunch so I don't have to worry about that. Which means I can spend some time on the computer. I'm ready to start on chapter two of Once More. I also have a couple of book blogs (blogs written for other authors about my book - the one I wanted to finish so badly which is coming out on the second Monday in May) So there is a lot to do, but I guess if I do this it will have to be ----  You got it -slowly...

Daughter arrives tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to that. She cuts my hair and it needs it badly.  She'll be here until Thursday. That should give her lots of time to spend with us. And our oldest son arrives the following Monday. The house gets a quick cleaning and then my cleaning lady and I will talk about a deep cleaning. My granddaughter has kinda (with a bit of a push) volunteered to rearrange our bedroom. I need to rearrange things to work better for me. My O2 machine needs to be closer to our bathroom, I need more room on my side of the bed, and the chair in my reading corner  keeps bumping into the window. It needs to be in a different corner, one without a window.

I have new curtains to put up and I want to get rid of this horrible graphic designed tulips border I've stared at since we bought this house. I'm not really fond of graphic designed tulips in my bedroom. so we are painting it. DH does not want another border. I'd love some realistic roses, but he says no, so tulips, here comes the paint.

Now, I need to go start that cake.  Slowly....


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