Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Journey

My hospice nurse arrived. And we talked. I had a list of 15 items to discuss. I'm a list maker, you see.
I went item by item and he listened to most of the list, asking a couple of question along the way. When I finished, he summarized my list with one comment. "You have a bad infection and since you've had them before you know what you need."

I'm back on antibiotics, good old Cipro.

Before he listed each of my complaints, he added a comment about calling for help, which I should have done sooner., Then he went through each item on my list and described how a bad inflection could cause my complaint. So, I have a new/old med that has always worked before. I sure hope so, because the last week, all I did, or could do, was sleep and try to get from one room to another.

DH's back is still bad, so I need to get on my feet. laundry needs to be done, I need to do the cooking - after yesterday's lunch. (grinning). I did fix me a sandwich today. I ask DH to get everything together, then I fixed what I wanted and ate it. Good Lunch, if I do say so. Now, I'm going to trying to balance the check book. Then it will be time for a nap. Last night's storms, loud with lots of lightening kept us both awake for awhile.

Tomorrow I still will probably be slow, but by Thursday I should be improving. Hooray. All of my complaints the nurse says can be a result of a bad infection. I suspect I have a lulu of a mess in my poor little left lung!


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