Saturday, April 05, 2014

The Journey

Taking it easy. Edits are finished and I'm reading today. Heavy weather means don't do much. I was going to bake a cake, but that's too much for today. Instead I bought one at Wal Mart. Big mistake. I got a strawberry short cake, however it is so soggy, the cake is mush.  UGH! Oldest son comes on Monday. I'll have him take it back. People shouldn't have to try to eat something that's mushy, and oh boy, it was.

For some reason, probably the constant flow of O2, my nose runs all the time. It makes it doubly hard to breath. I could get graphic but I won't. Anyway, I thought I would try an OTC to help with the nose. Nope! Can't do that. Blood pressure went up big time. So I guess I'll have to keep the Kleenex company in business for a while and be sure to carry a pocket full of Kleenex with me where ever I go. In the meantime, I have boxes all over the house. I should have stock in the company that makes the stuff. I'd probably be wealthy by now. No, because I'd have to spend all the profits on more Kleenex!

This is what is called a vicious cycle.

Off to start a new book.

Allison, who is resting today.

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