Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Journey

Dang it! The hip is getting worse. I'm going to need stronger meds just for that. Other than that, yesterday was a good day. Got a lot done. Cleared up a couple of things I needed to take care of
one being DH. He doesn't feel good, but like most men, the doctor is out. I'm trying to convince him it would really help me if he went to find out what was wrong with him. I just love the macho "I'll cure myself." Now I ask you, is that an inbred attitude, or it part of the male persona?

Today with the hip pain, it's a little rough. That much pain makes breathing a little hard. And I remember when the hip first went. That was bad, this is almost as bad. C'est la vie. Or that's life.
If it "ain't" one thing, it's another. I'm thinking a wheel chair might help. I'll have to talk to the hospice nurse.

Among yesterday's surprises was a huge box from Pro-Flowers. My oldest, his youngest daughter and her (we think) intended sent me the most glorious bunch of flowers. What a delightful surprise. I got them arranged and on the mantel where I can see them. See what you think. I was thrilled to death.

So to all the mothers out there, may you have a tremendous day!

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Rowan McKlain said...

Glad to know your having a good day. Personally I'm just trying to sort through this mess of sites I have to update and prime up for my little project... How in the world do you keep it all straight and make time for it? Your amazing in that regard. I mean I'm sure not having little tiny people climbing all over you helps but still amazing. :)