Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Journey

My house is in the process of being cleaned. The furniture in the bedroom is moved, and the new curtains are up, the tulips are gone, I one happy person. It looks beautiful.

Today, I want to work in the office. There's the few things to finish up, and I want to work on the new book. I finished chapter two, and am waiting for critical review by my DH to tear it apart. Which I suspect he enjoys thoroughly. We'll see what he says about this chapter.

Deep breathing exercises are painful and of course my hip is unbelievable. I took the pain meds with me to the bedroom last night and took one about an hour before we got up this morning. It does seem to help. At least I could move a little when I got out of bed. Yesterday I was scared I would have to resort to being bedridden. I'm not ready yet for the bed bit.

I think I'll try making lunch today. DH ought to be thrilled. (grinning) Of course, he has to get everything out for me, so it's not easier for him. But we both get tired of fast food.


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