Friday, May 16, 2014

The Journey

What a difference a new organization makes. Although I'm still working hard to breath, I feel like I have someone on my team willing to help if I need help. Yesterday the Home health card aide came and she couldn't have been any nicer. She refused to let me do a thing, because if I did it, I would wear myself out. She's right, that was exactly what I was doing. She took over, saying some called her a drill sergeant but that's fine with me, because when she got finished, I wasn't worn to a frizzle like before.

With the exception of the hip, which doesn't believe in not letting me know it a problem 24/7, and the struggling to breath, and yes, it does get to be a struggle at times, I don't feel bad at all. I'm managing to get things done, and with the aid of a wheel chair, I should be even better off. Getting up and down and walking, bent over a bit and pushing a rotator (or whatever they are called) is not as easy if you are working to breath.

The new hospice nurse will be here in a bit, but already the chaplain, the night nurse, the social worker have all visited. This blows me away. These people are 'Johnny on the spot'. I liking this organization.


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