Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Journey

Doing better. What a difference when you know you have someone on your side. The nurse who came yesterday, listened to my complaints, made some notes and call the director Doctor who by the way is a geriatric doctor. She contacted him after she went back to her office to affirm that the meds I was taking and the way I was taking them would work, although others insisted I should not be taking what and when as I was doing.

At eight fifteen last night, she called to tell me she had talked to the doctor, they had discussed the situation, and what I was doing which was working for me, was just fine. Their goal is to make me as pain free and as comfortable as they can as I continue with as much as I can do. To help, I now have a neat wheel chair that I can handle when walking is a bit much.  In fact today, my DH and I went to the grocery. First time out of the house in over two weeks.

The hospice organization you select is probably one of the most important part of this dying process. Even my husband has relaxed, because he knows I'm now getting the support I need. Imagine, someone calling you after eight on a Friday night just to reassure you.  I think I made a wise choice with this group.

Of course, breathing is hard at times, but this goes with the game. At least I can move around, I don't have to crawl into a bed and wait to die. It's called 'count your blessings'. I can look forward to more time to finish up things that need to be done. So, I'll bow my head and thank the Lord and thank all of you who are praying for and with me. I really do appreciate it. And know you are in my prayers as well, even if I don't know who you are.


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Anya Howard said...

Allison, you are one strong and determined woman! You are in my prayers.