Friday, May 02, 2014

The Journey

The hospice arrived yesterday afternoon to check on me. He told me before he left, I did look better, not nearly as tired, that the Cipro does take time and I need to give it another day of two before I could declare myself on the full road to recovery as far that infection is concerned. I knew that, because I suspect I've been on a Cipro regime a dozen times. Always before when I started to feel better I dived into my tasks. Not doing that this time. I am going to take it slow, finish the course and then I'll get started on my tasks. I do not want to go though this again. Breathing is hard enough. A lung infection on top of the other "ain't" fun.

 There's a lot to be done. Things to put away, promos to prepare for Lovesong which comes out in days. My desk is piled so high with papers, I'm beginning to wonder if I'll lose something. so a little sit down organization is in hand. I can hear DH mutter 'about time.' His desk is clear, everything has a place, he has all these little boxes marked with labels which say, pens, pencils, stamps, sticky notes, paper pads, rubber bands. I could go on and on, He probably used a whole package of labels on his little boxes.

Not me. Things are in stacks. This stack is for promo, this stack has to do with end of life, that stack is the hospice stuff, that stack over there has to do with plot ideas, and the one I have to move out of my chair has to do with the week's bills. Organized? Yes! His way. NOPE!

He doesn't come into my office often, which is a good thing. I don't go to his either. I get jealous. But, I'm not about to take two months out of my shortened life to do something so foreign to me, everyone in my family would think I'd lost me mind.

And now, I going to lay back in my recliner and take a short nap. I'm taking it easy


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