Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Journey

Good day, bad day! today qualifies as a bad day. We changed the way I take my pills.  Didn't work. I needed to sleep all morning and the hip is still a problem. I'm just gritting my teeth and trying to change positions as often as every couple of minutes.

Now, to get gross. I do an awfully lot of coughing. I even take an inhalation med to help thin the mucus. Color indicates how my lung is doing. Green or green gray indicates infection. Pale cream of light yellow indicates things are SOP. Pink or red indicates some bleeding. Now all the colors can be affected by any condition in the throat of the stomach.

Don't you love get a science lesson on a Wednesday....

I had a very sore throat this morning and coughing up a lot. Because I was coughing up pink and an almost red this am I called the nurse and her advice was try to take a cough drop to slow down the coughing. She suspected it was more the sore throat than the cancer which of course was great to hear.  Oh, what good advice on the cough drop, because I am not cough as much.
Love this group.

Now, If I can keep the leg elevated and frequently change positions, maybe I can get something done.


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