Friday, May 30, 2014

The Journey

It would be so nice if things went smoothly for once. But boy do I have a surprise of anyone on hospice who takes maintenance meds that hospice is not required to pay for. Example, you have high blood pressure, but you are under the care for cancer. The meds for blood pressure which you have to take every day, or insulin, for example and it not related to the hospice diagnose you have to pay for.
Now, if you have part D medicare or another prescription insurance you must now have the doctor ordering maintenance meds to call the insurance company, answer their questions and send the pharmacy a PA form. (prior approval) Then the pharmacy must fill out their forms and send them into the insurance company. (hang on to your hats) This has to be done for every refill.

This is of course part of the Obamacare mandate. It went into effect on May 1 of this year. Can you hear the yells going on around the US? How many people don't know about it. Our doctors didn't, our pharmacy didn't, our hospice didn't.  Of course, I'm caught in the middle of all of this. I have five maintenance meds that have little to do with my diagnosis. I can either wait for all the paper work to get where it needs to go, or pay for the drugs myself. I need the meds so I paid. But what about people who take expensive stuff. Like chemo drugs that hospice doesn't pay for?

I'm beginning to wonder if the government through obamacare is after one thing. The sooner we seniors die, the less social security and medicare payments they have to make. In a nasty way, it make a horrible sense.

I'm going back to my world of fiction. At least that has a happy ending.


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