Sunday, May 04, 2014

The Journey

Years ago, I had to have my right hip replaced, because of arthritis. They said at the time it would be good for 12 to 15 years. That was just over 15 years ago. The cap is gone and it hurts like h.....

And again, my sweetheart and I are suffering from back pain in the same place. This guy wants to share everything, whether it's my fault or his. I really think he can have the back pain back. Every single breath is torture.

 The antibiotic seems to be working which if great. Means no bronc, no IV fluids, no trips to the hospital. Just one of those is reason to celebrate. So, we will classify this as a really good day. I know my hospice nurse will be please. Now to get rid of the back pain.  (grinning) I don't want much do I?

I spent some time on the second chapter of Once More yesterday. I've discovered when I like a word, I use it to death. But these words I like keep changing. For a while it was 'that', then 'and then'. Now I trying to kill 'had'. If you think you might like to write a book, or give a speech, think about which word you really like. 'Bet you use it to death!  I know I do. And as an author I often listen to speech patterns. I'm not alone with this habit. Might want to check and see how you do.

Allison, feeling much better today.

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