Monday, May 05, 2014

The Journey

Definitely, an infection. The Cipro is clearing it up. Lose one, gain another. It's that one of Robert's rules???

Now I think I have pleurisy,  right side. I've had this once before, a long time ago, and this is what it felt like, if I remember correctly. Unfortunately my meds aren't cutting it. Oh, dear, another long list of questions for the hospice nurse.  (grinning) I wonder how they really feel about people who keep
a list of questions to ask. They say they like it, but I really wonder.

I'm also going to give my oldest a list of foods he and I can fix tomorrow and Wednesday. This ought to shake him up, 'cause I intend to list amount of time to cook, what is required in effort and what needs to be fix to go with the meal. I trying to guess which of the four things I intend to list this he'll pick. This ought to be fun. 

Yesterday a wonderful friend made a suggestion. I was way ahead of her and had a shower chair weeks ago. The problem is not with the stool, standing, or sitting. It's the danged tubing. To go over the enclosed shower door, the tubing reaches max. So I have to hold the tubing in one hand to shower. Ever try to soap a wash rag with one hand? I didn't do too well. Today I showered and left the door open a little bit, and dragged the tubing through the door opening. Only problem. Wet floor!
So, which one is best? Wet floor or trying to wash with a soapless rag?

I'm going with the wet floor. I'll just have to use a lot of bath rugs. Problem solved.


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