Sunday, June 01, 2014

The Journey

Wow! The first day a of June. Surprising but after breakfast, I lowered the recliner and slept until Noon. I couldn't believe it when I looked at the clock. And I had a good night sleep as well. I did talk to the hospice nurse about nap taking and she explained that indeed, needing more sleep is part of the disease. It does make sense. Every time you stand up, walk, move around, even take a deep breath, you are using energy. And having taught science and basic physic for a couple years that too makes sense to me.

It's really bad when a teacher gets into a teaching mode  (grinning).

Eating burns a lot of energy. Trying to cook the food is even worse. I'm just getting too tired to fix much of anything anymore.  DH helps, sometimes. But, he's slowing down too, so it's getting doubly hard.

I have found that I really like both Ensure and the Boost chocolate drinks. They are really good if they are cold. and swallowing is a lot easier to do than to chew a chunk of meat or  raw veggies. Although I've found a whole bunch of frozen seasoned veggies you cook that I really like. And yummmm to fresh fruit. I sure enjoyed our strawberries this year. The whole south has berries much earlier than other people and we had strawberries nearly every day for over a month. With whipping cream.  (grinning) Not losing any weight but everyone says that good. Surprisingly I'm not gaining anything either.

Now, I'm hungry. I have to go find something chocolate.


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