Thursday, July 28, 2005

Living with a cat

Today, I have to comment on 'the cat'.
We inherited a cat. Our granddaughter's cat decided
to take a chunk out of her father's arm, and in self
defense, Dad threatened to get rid of the cat. A pleading
call to Grandfather - at 10 pm at night - brought about
this inheritence.

Cute little bugger. However, as much as I like cats, and
I do, watching him steak after a fly, or have him crawl up
on the computer desk just when the fingers are flying over
the keyboard still takes some getting used to.

I'll probably mention the little beastie from time to time.
And, I'm still surprised at how much attention such a small
creature can attract as well as the amount of affection he
demands. And, he does demand it. Lays on the desk until he's
been adequately patted, wraps himself around your legs until
you stop and pet him. Now, I have to get him off the desk so
I can write. Sigh!

Goodbye Kittie - Hello Gothic


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