Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Writers' Block

There are times when writing, even thinking about writing,
doesn't work. So, what do you do?

Read a book. That helps, sometimes. Pull out the knitting,
embroidery, hand work of some kind. That also helps. Then,
there's making yourself sit at the computer and just write.
That works best of all for me, because as my fingers begin
to work, so does the brain.

Writers' block can occur to any one. For a long time, I was
never affected, but over the last several years, occasionally
the creative juices need stimulation. So, when the brain
says, not interested in story telling right now, I sit at the
computer and write. It can be letters, e-mails, or information
for the web page. Whatever it takes until the brain says,
okay, I'm ready now.

There is one sure way to avoid writers' block completely.
Join a critique group, especially one that meets every other week,
or better yet, every week. Then you have to write. The brain
doesn't get a chance to say - not now.

So, back to the Gothic.

Simon's Brides
avaiable May '06
From Wings-Press, Inc.

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