Friday, December 23, 2005

Preparing for Christmas

Some times life interferes.

I love Christmas. It's a time for baking cookies, making
candy, buying gifts, wrapping and hiding those objects.
But, not this year. As I said, sometimes life interferes.

For months I've limped around, complaining about a knee that
no longer had the cartilage necessary for movement. Okay,
it hurt, but I could move - well almost. I knew I couldn't
put surgery off much longer. The doctor had said I would know
when I was ready.

I was ready!

I remember horror stories about people who couldn't walk after
a knee replacement. About the pain, the weeks of inactivity.
None of that was for me. Fortunately, my doctor is up to date
with new methods and techniques. My knee no longer hurts. Oh,
the muscles ache and I'm using a walker, but not for long.
How great it is to be almost pain free.

If your knee is a mess, don't wait. Things have changed. Get a
good doctor, do the preliminary exercises and follow all the directions.
I can hardly wait to go for a nice long walk. Oh, and I'll be able
to sit at the computer without my knee screaming that I need to move.
No telling how much I'll get written now.

Merry Christmas.
May your New Year be the best ever.
Mine should be great!

Watch for Simon's Brides coming
in May of '06 from Wings Press.

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