Monday, November 27, 2006

A Love Hate Relationship

Okay, so love/hate relationships are part and parcel
a romance author's lexicon. However, today I am not
speaking about a love & hate relationship found in
romance novels. Nope! This is the love/hate
relationship I have with my computer!!!

I don't know whether it's me or the company that
made the operating system, no names mentioned, or
if it's the maker of the computer, but I'm so tired
of having to explain to the holders of my registered
products that my machine -- crashed again -- and I
lost it all.

I can't count, I don't want to count, the number of
times I see that little box which says an error has
occurred and the program/computer must close. I have
begun to suspect that it must be me. Nobody else
complains since the operating systems have been
dramatically upgraded. Or is it just that other operators
are so accustom to that little box, that no one says
anything any more.

It doesn't matter, really. On any given day, I love my
computer and I hate it at the same time. I just spent
an hour looking for something I tried to save, something
I know I saved, but somehow it got swallowed up by
cyberspace. Yes, I used the find button, but it is nowhere
to be found.

So, here I am, once again, trying to sort through hard
copy, praying that I took the time to print the whole
thing, that when I printed it I got the whole thing.

And, while I'm complaining, I'd also like to mention the
print screen button on every keyboard. Did you ever try
to print something from the internet using that button?
Doesn't work. It's a waste of a button. Sigh!!!

Okay, I've vented. Now back to looking for my stuff.

Enjoy Cyber Monday. Don't try to print screen if you find
something you like. Can't be done without a special
program. Guess I need the program. (Another heartfelt

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