Friday, December 01, 2006

Rushing the Season

December first. Already, some radio stations are all
Christmas music. The stores are loaded with decorations,
and some items have already been sold out. I've started,
key word here is started, to think about making Christmas

My point - I think everybody is rushing the season. Okay,
merchants need to make a profit, but do they have to
start before Thanksgiving? In our area they did.

I'm afraid I tune out the Christmas music. It not time
yet. I won't decorate the house until ten days before
Christmas. And, I love Christmas. I love the smells,
the baking, the getting family together, watching the
kids and grandkids open gifts.

But, I'm not ready yet. Even with the news of a major
snow storm barreling across the north, I'm not ready.

Somehow, all this early preparation makes the day lose
some of its magic. At least for me. So, I'll wait, thank
you, to do my Christmas shopping, make my cookies and
decorate my house. Two weeks before the big day I'll tune
in to the Christmas carols, to get in the mood. Until then
enjoy the end of fall.

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