Monday, December 11, 2006

Story Titles

Here I am, a new story, and I need a title.
Why's that important?

I don't know. All I do know is that unless I
have a title, I have no name to place on the
file, nothing to call it, and only ideas swirling
around in my head. So, I must go on a "title
seeking hunt".

Where do I begin? Usually with something about the
story, or something that I think will happen in
the story. Okay, all my stories are about love and
I ask you, how many times can you use love in a title?
Not that many. So we go from there.

Is the story about betrayal? Nope, not this time.
Is it about a season? Well, kinda, but not enough
to involve weather in the title. The characters?
Are there things about the characters that can be
revealed in the title? I'll have to think about

A quick aside. In many cases the title will be
changed by the publisher anyway, but I still need
one for me. I do know authors who title their books,
"Book one" or "Work In Process 3". I can't do that.
I've got to have something to work with, a hint of
the story.

So if love is out, and so is betrayal, weather, then
how about another emotion?

You see where this can lead? Okay, I'm still hard pressed
for a title. How about location? Or the time period?

Yahoo!!! I've got it!

Now, I have to go title my files, my character
interviews, my goal and motivation charts. More about
that later. For now, I'm off to do a whole lot of

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