Thursday, April 05, 2007


Okay, I'm reporting back. Yes, I went to the conference.
Yes, I had a great time. I talked to editors I knew, met
agents I didn't know, and spent two and a half days talking
about writing and books and publishing trends (what they
think people will buy and what they hope people will buy).

As I said before, conferences, no matter what the subject,
are great ways to network. The greatest benefit in a
conference (at least in my view) is getting to meet people
who are engaged in the same activities as you. Talk shop,
if you will.

Did I learn anything new? Well, yes I did. I learned that
more romance authors are beginning to think seriously about
the value of the internet. I've suspected for some time that
the internet would make promotion more of an author's
responsibility. Those in the know seem to agree. So, I'm
going to try to blog more often. Of course, that takes time
away from the writing. So expect shorter comments frequently.

Off to write.

It's all about romance!
"Heal My Hurting Heart" now available
from Champagne

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