Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Blog after blog are commenting on or relating to the
events of yesterday. I'm not going to say a thing,
except that I've been offering prayers for the victims,
their family and friends.

Now, about 'Inspiration'.

Where, how, when do writers find the scource for plots?
And the answer may surprise some of you. "Everywhere!"
In dreams, TV, newspapers, other authors' books, just
about any place where there are people.

I get my ideas from dreams, music, research, books, or
even from people's reactions to a given situation. The
big question is always - - What if???

The answer can often lead to the plot for a book. You write
the idea down, store it away, and eventually, pull it out
and decide if there is a book there. My WIP (work in process)
is an idea that came from a Contemporary romance. I asked
'what if' this situation where reversed and took place 150
years ago. I had the idea. I filled in my details and the
plot nearly wrote itself.

Now, I have to write the book.

'It's all about Romance'
Available now from Champagne Books
"Heal My Hurting Heart"

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