Saturday, April 07, 2007


From Conferences to cats!

We have one. He's grown more and
more friendly over the last few
years. And like a lot of
parents/grandparents, we inherited
this one. Our granddaughter couldn't
keep him so soft-hearted Grandpa said
yes, bring him to us.

Now I like animals. I love dogs and cats,
especially friendly ones. But this little animal
is going too far. Can't make the bed without help,
can't pay bills without help, can't work on the
last WIP (work in process) without help. He rolls
around on top of the computer desk until he
gets a lot of petting - and then he curls up, yep,
on top of my papers and goes to sleep.

And have you ever tried to pack a suitcase with a cat who
would really rather sleep on top of your clothes?

Go ahead and move him, you say. But he's all curled up,
contented and happy. Can't do it! So, the bed doesn't
get made, the pays don't get paid, the WIP in process has
to wait. Cat is KING!

Go kitty, go away, go eat - or something!

Allison Knight
"It's all about Romance"
available from Champagne Books

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