Monday, April 09, 2007


I don't believe it and I didn't believe it yesterday.
But my husband took pictures. It snowed!

Big deal, you say, when half the country is white.

But, I live in the deep south. We are only thirty
minutes from the Gulf of Mexico. I get to worry
about Hurricanes in the summer and fall. I didn't
expect to see snow in the spring.

And, I know all about snow. For years we lived in
the north where it did snow. We got snowed in on
occasion. I had snow days while I taught school.
And I didn't care for the fluffy, white stuff.
That's why we moved so far south, to get away from
the cold and the snow.

I shouldn't complain. We don't grow plants, or
even flowers that can't handle freezing temperatures.
But, snow in the south is a shock. Especially in

However, I'll get over it because by the end of the
week, it will be warm and summery. Hoorah!

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