Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Last night I attended an online awards ceremony
for the authors of Champagne Books. If you have
an occasion to do an online chat, especially
something like an awards ceremony - go for it!
It was a blast. Sounds, comments, and of course
the awards. It was great fun.

In fact, the few online chats I've attended have
been great fun. If you haven't tried it, pick
your favorite genre and attend a chat. You won't
feel out of place, you don't have to worry about
what to wear, or who to talk to, or even try the
often dry, unappetizing food served at some meetings.

I can't wait to go to another chat, especially if
they are giving out awards.

"It's all about Romance"
"Heal My Hurting Heart" available
now in download from Champagne Books.

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