Thursday, May 17, 2007


I am not a happy camper! Summer is here and
it is unbelievably dry. So what, you say.
Half the country is under water, or getting
too much rain.

Well, for the south, this draught ruins crops,
increases water bills, ends up with wild fires
raging and me trying to write with one hand.
The other hand is holding a Kleenex under
my nose.

Okay, my problems are minor compared to the
problems others are having, but I ask you,
how can you think straight, type something
that makes sense when your head feels like
a balloon, your nose is dripping, your inner
ears are itching and you can't scratch.

With very dry weather and lots of dust, my
allergies kick in. I'll have to redo most
of what I've tried to do because of these
allergies. (Dust is really bad for me).

On top of that, hurricane season starts in a
couple of weeks. Might mean a lot of rain, but
who knows what else. Hope we have another year
like last year. Wouldn't that be great?

Gotta go blow my nose! Again!

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