Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What happened to Manuals?

Several years ago I bought a terrific web design
program. I love it. I've now upgraded it and the
new program does a lot more things than the old
one did.

Great, you say. Of course. It's wonderful, but
there's a small problem. I found out when I was
teaching about twenty-five percent of us learn
best by reading. I'm one of those persons. I
know about the rest of you. In fact, I'm married
to a 'I don't need to read about it', and he
punches keys, buttons, whatever - until it works.
Me - I've got to read.

So, hence my question - What happened to Manuals,
those fancy printed books that came in the box,
along with the program disk? The answer - They
do exist. You get to download and print them

I got courageous today and downloaded the manual
for my web designing program, then almost slammed
my head into the printer. It's huge. It will
take nearly a ream of paper and I don't want to
think about how much ink this sucker is going to use.

I guess those of us who have to read to understand
will have to reinvent ourselves. We'll have to learn
to push button, keys, whatever - and try to figure
out what we've done and then, how to do it again.
Something new or different with
computer technology every time you turn around.

Off to print a designing manual...

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