Sunday, May 27, 2007

Five Days and Counting

What on earth am I talking about? Why Hurricane
season, of course.

This is the start of the time when I bounce from
my Work In Progress to the URL for weather in
the Atlantic Basin. This will continue until
the end of November.

If a Hurricane can have a good side, and a lot
of people around here don't believe it, it's
that with the increase in weather availability
through radio, TV and the internet, the average
'Joe' can stay abreast of what is happening. You
can get out of the way of a coming storm.
And even today, with our most sophisticated
equipment, we can't figure out where or when
a tornado will strike or an earthquake will hit.

With a Hurricane you do have some warning. You
can get out of the way, and if prepared, take
a few of your valueables with you. Of course,
there are still some who figure, 'it ain't
gonna happen to me' and they do nothing.

I've been in tornados, shaken in earthquakes,
and I'd rather run from a Hurricane any day.

Of course, with the season upon us, I must get all
my important documents together, in case we have to
run. And back up my hard drives, check my supply
of batteries... You don't want a list.

Lots to do.

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