Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Jobs I hate to do

This has absolutely nothing to do with writing,
expect that it eats up time I want to be at the

Oh, yes, I can plot, plan, develop as I do these
jobs, but if you don't like the job in the first
place... Need I say more.

Okay, on with my list.

First - I hate washing out the waste paper baskets.
Yes, I put plastic bags in the cans, but still,
everyonce in a while, you have to take a scrub brush
and clean the inside - and I hate it.

Next job on the list - is the refrigerator. Wiping down
the shelves isn't too bad, but finding that scrap
of wilted whatever, or that jar of something with
a collection of mold is not pleasant - and I hate

Another lousy job - mopping the kitchen floor. Oh,
I know - if I wiped up my spills, damp mopped on
occasion, I wouldn't have the terrible job of
washing and rinsing, but hey! Who do you know who
does the routine cleaning with other more important
things in mind? I don't.

I could go on, but I'm sure you get the picture. I
don't like housework. I would much rather sit at
the computer and make my characters miserable.

Still the refrigerator awaits. Oh, well, then maybe
I won't have to clean it out for another couple of months.
Wonder what I'll find growing in it this time.

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