Saturday, June 16, 2007

A writer's lament

Oh, how I detest this implement called
a broom.

The day had such promise. A day to write,
to work on my novel, to give my characters
time to develop and dance across the pages
of my new book.

But, it is not to be.

Why? you ask.

The kitchen floor is littered, a drop
of food here, a spot of oil there, a crumb
of bread, a bit of sugar. You get the picture.

So, now, with broom in hand, bucket and
mop at the ready, I must ignore the hero's
lament, the heroine's cries, and apply a
bit of elbow grease to what is commonly
called 'housework'. I can think of a
dozen derogatory names for this endeavor.
However, unless I want to stick to the
kitchen floor, I must abandone the computer
and grab the sweeping device.

As I said, I hate that broom!

'It's all about Romance'

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