Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Staying On Task

Oh, boy! Perfect weather here in the
deep south. A bit of rain, warm days,
cool nights, the kind of day when you
want to go outside, relax - do nothing.


Staying on task becomes difficult. Nearly
impossible. What do I do to keep my
computer chair occupied? It's hard, but
I've developed a trick to stay on task.
The easiest way for me to achieve my writing
goal for the next day is to think about my
story the night before, as I lay in bed
waiting for sleep.

I think about my characters and what kind of
problems might they face as I write. I ask
myself how can I make their lives a bit more
miserable, or what might give them a bit of hope.

By thinking about the story, the characters
and their problems at night, I wake in the
morning knowing I have to record whatever
I dreamed up the night before, so I won't
forget. For me it seems to work.

Now, I have to get back to the gothic.
You see, last night I decided....

'It's all about Romance'

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